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Crescent Wealth is a passionate believer in the idea of prospering collectively.

That is why we are establishing strategic partnerships with the aim to develop ideas, ideas that will drive lasting social impact, can be sustained, and may be replicated across regions to benefit every facet of Australian communities for years to come.

To achieve this, we support four key areas of focus for community development, including:

1. Pathways to employment

It is important for Crescent Wealth to be an active community participant. We plan to work with organisations that have existing programs targeting the areas most relevant to our clients. Our first partner for this purpose is with the Crescent Wealth Institute who for the last 7 years have hosted Premiers & former Prime Ministers, CEO’s of top-tier companies and prominent thought leaders to share with you their life lessons in their journey to success. As a result of the event, numerous participants have come away with job opportunities, business partnerships and a stronger professional network.

2. Health & Fitness

A healthy and active community can lead to a more prosperous community. Our first two partners are the Sydney based Auburn Tigers Women's Australian Football Club and the Crescents Wealth of Brisbane for the Crescent Wealth CresWalk 2013.

3. Pathways to higher education

We are strong believers in higher education leading to a stronger, more prosperous community. An example of this Crescent Wealth's partnership with the Islamic Museum of Australia, Crescent Wealth's sponsorship of Bayt Al-Zakat's Awards night for high achieving Year 12 Students, or the Crescent Wealth Award for highest achieving student at Latrobe University in the subject of Islamic Capital Markets.

4. Financial literacy

It is essential that we educate our community and clients on the importance of financially planning out their future as well as the merits of Islamic finance. This can be seen in both our Islamic Wealth for Professionals Course hosted with the Sydney Business School and University of Wollongong, or our Islamic Superannuation Information Sessions that we host throughout the year in various states in Australia, with the aims of educating the public all about Super and Islamic finance.

Crescent Wealth Institute

Crescent_Institute Crescent Wealth is a key sponsor of the Crescent Wealth Institute, the vision of which is to be Australia’s pre-eminent networking and thought leadership group. The Crescent Wealth Institute aims to promote a place where there is an opportunity to meet and learn from Australian thought leaders in a warm business and social environment as well as keeping its members informed on vital issues. The Crescent Wealth Institute (Formally the Crescent Wealth Club) was founded officially in 2006, originally to fill the gap of meaningful access to business and professional networks, thought leadership and leaders. Today the Crescent Wealth Institute’s activities include networking events in the CBD’s of Sydney and Melbourne, networking seminars around specific issues or areas of member interest, and the Crescent Wealth Institute Mentoring program. Since 2006 the Crescent Wealth Institute has been addressed by several Premiers & Former Premiers, CEO’s of Australia’s leading companies, leading media, religious, sporting figures and corporate thought leaders, and Crescent Wealth is proud to be a major sponsor.

Some of the Crescent Wealth Institute’s key note speakers

Click here to see more of Crescent Wealth Institute’s previous events and phenomenal key note speakers.

Mercy Mission

Mercy Mission A world class NPO building a better world through educational and social services for thousands of people around the world.

Some of their key speakers include: Dr Tawfique Chowdhury, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi,Dr Bilal Philips, Sheikh Navaid Aziz, Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim and more.

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National Zakat Foundation

NationalZakatFoundation A reputable volunteers based charity supporting thousands of needy families in Australia, and educating the public about Zakat.

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Muslim Aid Australia

muslimaid Muslim Aid Australia is an international relief and development agency working to support and assist the world’s poorest and most needy communities regardless of race, creed or nationality.

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The Auburn Giants (Tigers) Women's Australian Football Club

The Auburn Giants team, previously known as the Auburn Tigers before their merger with the professional league GWS Giants AFL Club in 2014, serves as a wonderful example of how sport can foster positivity, cultural awareness and mutual respect among culturally diverse communities. Crescent Wealth’s sponsorship of the Auburn Giants is not only in support of this inspiring work but fulfills one of our key areas for community development being Health & Fitness with the aim of promoting the belief that an active community will lead to a more prosperous community. This team of passionate young Australian women are certainly kicking goals both on and off the field as the first women’s AFL team in Western Sydney, and Crescent Wealth is proud to be their major sponsors for the next three-years. The sponsorsip of the Auburn Giants AFL team was announced on Monday 8th April 2013 and was featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise program. Since the sponsorship of the Auburn Giants commenced, the girls have featured in an abundance of media coverage in mainstream newspapers, radio stations, popular websites and television programs, including the ABC’s 7:30 Report.

Latest News – From bottom of the ladder to the top – Auburn Giants conquer the pitch for 2014 season.

Before the girls merged with the GWS Giants, they were often one of the bottom teams on the season ladder. As 2014 brought with it fresh members, a new coach and a revitalised spirit – the Auburn Giants have been undefeated for the 2014 season as of today (Week 1 August 2014).

The Auburn Giants (Tigers) Team in their previous jerseys:
Watch the Auburn Giants (Tigers) feature on Channel 7’s Sunrise here:
Watch the Auburn Giants (Tigers) feature on the ABC’s 7:30 Report here:
AT on 730 Report 11-05-2013 sml

The Crescent Wealth CresWalk 2013

The Crescent Wealth CresWalk 2013 marks the TENTH year anniversary of the widely popular annual fun run along the Brisbane River. The event encourages health, promotes unity and strengthens community as over 700 men, women, and children of all ages, cultures, religions and physical abilities take part each year. This year’s event went phenomenally well with the hundreds of runners and their families enjoying the race along the river, a fabulous lunch in the park, giant slide, rock climbing wall, games and a whole lot more!

Here’s a sneak peak into the Race of 2013
CresWalk 2013 Merchandise for participants
walk CresWalk_bag CresWalk_hat CresWalk_sports_towels CresWalk_Tshirt

Human Appeal International

1779357_10152221927588011_1316960149_n Human Appeal International (HAI) is a charitable, humanitarian, and non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was established in 1984.

It works on a number of charitable causes, specialising in areas from Social and Educational Development to Health Care and Emergency Relief.

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Islamic Relief Australia

islamicrelief Islamic Relief Australia is a non-profit humanitarian aid organisation, working in 46 countries.

We promote sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and disease.

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