A partnership for the Ummah

Crescent Wealth partners with UMMA Centre, MELBOURNE 18 May 2016

We are one of Australia’s most colourful and diverse people, with many faces and many dreams. Yet while we celebrate our differences, we must also celebrate our unity.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that we announce our new partnership with the United Muslim Migrants Association (UMMA) Centre.

Both organisations have a vision of collective growth and development, therefore leading to a multi-year agreement of collaboration across a number of areas viewed as critical to the community and its prosperity.

From humble beginnings, the UMMA Centre has been serving the Muslim community of Melbourne for over thirty years. Established in 1984, they have so far played a part in three generations of Australian Muslims while continuing to play a key role in the Islamic way of life.

Br. Aslam Kazi, President of the UMMA, said “we are pleased to partner with Crescent Wealth who have been working with the UMMA centre over the past two years – assisting us with fundraising campaigns and awareness of wealth management.”

The centre has recently gone through major developments in order to accomplish its goals of providing religious and community based education and social services, as well as a safe environment for families and youth to play sports, learn, and grow together.

For Crescent Wealth, as Australia’s leading provider of Islamic super & investments, the agreement means we are now in a better position to channel our community investment across our four main focus areas:

  • Pathways to employment – increasing opportunities;
  • Health & fitness – combining fun with social responsibility;
  • Pathways to higher education – so that no child is left behind; and
  • Financial literacy – empowering all with knowledge to grow wealth ethically and effectively.

Waleed Gouda, General Manager at Crescent Wealth, said “this partnership is another stepping stone as we together build a legacy that actively encourages Australian Islamic community progress. To do this we need to continuously develop ideas and methods that allow us to cooperate and prosper collectively for years to come.”

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