Sydney, 14 May 2014 – Crescent Wealth welcomes, and is proud to have supported, the Federal Government decision to allocate $10 million of funding for an aged care facility for the Australian Muslim community in Western Sydney. We would like to congratulate the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) for their tireless efforts in making this result a reality, and the Federal Government for having come through with this landmark decision.

The Federal Budget 2014 decision comes after Crescent Wealth and LMA leadership heavily campaigned to obtain government support for this project, with a strong focus towards establishing new and necessary community platforms. With funding secured, the LMA will be the first organisation within the Australian Muslim community to provide such a service in Sydney for its ageing population.

Crescent Wealth wishes to acknowledge Founder and Managing Director, Talal Yassine, for his unstinting commitment to address significant gaps in our community, from wealth management to necessary social services. Crescent Wealth also acknowledges the current President of the LMA, Samier Dandan, for his strong vision and passionate dedication to establish these vital services.

Crescent Wealth would also like to thank the Federal Government for displaying commitment and understanding in earmarking the $10 million. We unreservedly recognize the care taken to maintain support for essential services in the Federal Budget 2014. Crescent Wealth hopes funding for such crucial projects will continue to be provided in the future.

Going forward, establishing strategic partnerships with groups such as the LMA, will be essential in order to develop ideas that will not only drive lasting social impact, but can also be sustained and replicated across regions to benefit every facet of our community for years to come. Crescent Wealth Managing Director, Talal Yassine OAM, said: “This landmark decision represents a fantastic win for the Australian Muslim community. Crescent Wealth could not be more proud to have supported this initiative as part of our long-term dedication to fostering a prosperous Islamic community.”

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Talal Yassine

Managing Director
Crescent Wealth
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