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Muhammad Khodr, 32
High School Teacher & Da’i

“Now I can finally invest my super with an institution I trust and one that caters for my beliefs”

Tarek Elrich, 27
Professional Footballer, Adelaide United FC

“I chose Crescent Wealth to make sure my super is always invested in the right way.”

Tasneem Chopra,
Consultant & Author

“An ethical alternative with solid returns, Crescent Wealth Super is the logical choice.”

Superannuation (or super) is Australia’s compulsory long-term savings plan that puts away 9.5% of your money and invests it on your behalf for your retirement. The question is: “where does it get invested”? When you make a lifelong investment choice like Superannuation, you want to be sure that it chooses to grow your money from the places that agree with your values. The reality of superannuation today is that an average (balanced) investment option invests up to 40%1 of your super into Riba/interest, with the remainder of your superannuation invested without any regard to Islamic investment principles. Your average super fund only invests with profit in mind and does not take into account Islamic investment principles when making choices on where to invest your money.

1 This 40% or more figure is based on Australian Tax Office statistical research of average super funds investments into interest/riba as at March 2013, and Crescent Wealth estimates based on the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Superannuation Statistics February 2013.

In your average Super fund, up to 40% or more of your money may very likely be invested into:

With Crescent Wealth, your money is always invested in the right place. Areas where we invest instead:

Crescent Wealth provides Australia’s first Islamic Superannuation fund and today we service thousands of ethical Australians.

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World Class services and Islamic investment compliance

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Your money is managed by some of the best in the industry

Our 37 highly experienced investment professionals collectively manage over $5 billion.

They include award winning companies such as HSBC Amanah, the Bank of London and the Middle East, Saturna Capital (Amana Mutual Funds Trust) and more, and every investment made meets the standards and set criteria of our Islamic investment principles.


Competitive fees

Plus NO upfront contribution, establishment, withdrawal or exit fees.


Personalised services

From our dedicated Super Specialists and Relationship Managers.


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24/7 online with your personal account.


Outstanding managed funds performance

  • #1 Best Performing Islamic Equity Fund in the World. (Bloomberg – September 2013 Quarter. Crescent Wealth Australian Equity Fund)
  • #1 Best Performing Australian Equity Fund in the Australia. (Morningstar – September 2013 Quarter. Crescent Wealth Australian Equity Fund)
  • #1 Best Performing Property Fund in the Australia. (Morningstar – June & September 2013 Quarters. Crescent Wealth Diversified Equity Fund)
  • #1 Best Performing International Equity Fund in Australia. (Morningstar – September 2014 quarter. Crescent Wealth International Equity Fund)
  • #2 Best Performing Property Fund in the Australia for the Fin. Year. (Morningstar – 2013-14 Financial Year. Crescent Wealth Diversified Property Fund).
  • #5 Best Performing Australian Equity Fund in Australia for the Fin. Year. (Morningstar – 2013-14 Financial Year. Crescent Wealth Australian Equity Fund).
  • #10 Best Performing International Equity Fund in Australia for the Fin. Year. (Morningstar – 2013-14 Financial Year. Crescent Wealth Australian Equity Fund)

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Before consolidating your super, you need to compare the costs and benefits of all your accounts to decide which one suits you best. You should check whether any withdrawal or termination fees apply from your other funds and be aware of any investment or taxation implications. If you still have insurance with another fund, make sure you do not need it or consider replacing it with the Crescent Wealth Super Fund insurance offering before closing your account(s). Information, such as details of the costs, fees, risks or your insurance is in each fund’s PDS and their latest annual statement. If you need more guidance, or are unsure of the impacts you need to speak to your financial advisor.