Member Benefits

Abu Muneer Ismail Davids,
Senior IT Professional & Author

“I recommend Crescent Wealth to every single person I know. The standard of professionalism and the support they provide is just second to none.”

Mamun Rashid,
Public Accountant & SMSF Auditor

“Crescent Wealth gives me the opportunity to invest my super in a halal way. That’s why I’m with Crescent Wealth.”

Muhammad Khodr, 32
High School Teacher & Da’i

“Now I can finally invest my super with an institution I trust and one that caters for my beliefs”

Tarek Elrich, 27
Professional Footballer, Adelaide United FC

“I chose Crescent Wealth to make sure my super is always invested in the right way.”

Tasneem Chopra,
Consultant & Author

“An ethical alternative with solid returns, Crescent Wealth Super is the logical choice.”

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