The Crescent Wealth International Equity Fund invests in leading companies around the world that meet our investment benchmarks but also meet our ethical investment principles. We believe you can profit, whilst also investing in companies making a positive impact on our world. We invest in global markets like the US, UK, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, South Korea and France, to name a few.

The Product

Australia represents approximately 2% of the global investment markets and hence, most of the world’s investment opportunities are outside Australia. We invest in world leading companies as well as emerging companies, that will one day become world leading companies. Future economic growth is expected to come from emerging markets in Asia, Africa and South America. In some instances we invest directly but in many, we invest in western companies doing business in those regions. This gives us exposure to the growth whilst ensuring corporate governance meets our standards.

The Investment Team

The team behind the fund has been managing shares since the late 80s and won a bagful of awards on the way. Crescent Wealth has appointed a leading international investment manager to manage the Crescent Wealth International Equity Fund. The team has a value-based investment philosophy with a proven track record of strong performance. The team has been recognized with numerous Lipper Fund Awards and the Failaka Best Global Islamic Equity (and Global Equity) Awards over the 2008-2012 period.

Who should invest?

The fund is suitable to those wanting to invest in international shares with a professional and leading investment management team. Investors can invest directly, through self-managed super funds, family trusts as well as corporate entities. The Crescent Wealth International Equity Fund is available to retails investors and wholesale investors. Please get in touch with us or your financial advisor. Wholesale investors should get in touch with our Institutional team.

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International Equities
Recommended investment Timeframe 5 years
Distributions Paid bi-annually
Base Management Fee 1.7938% p.a.
Performance Fee 10.25% of the amount (if any) (before fees) exceeds the MSCI World Islamic Index
Minimum Initial Investment $5,000
Minimum Additional Investment Additional $200
Minimum Withdrawal Minimum withdrawal: $1000.Must be all if Balance
is less than $2000.
Liquidity (how quickly can you withdraw your funds) 3 – 5 days redemption period
Registration ID ARSN:154620943, ABN:69858738424
International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) AU60CFL00082

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