Crescent Wealth offers investment opportunities in Australian shares that are managed ethically, in accordance with Islamic investment principles. Our fund invests in shares that are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The fund does not invest in private opportunities.

The fund

The Crescent Wealth Australian Equity Fund is available to retail and wholesale investors. The fund invests in shares listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Investment methodology

Crescent Wealth has appointed leading investment managers to manage the Crescent Wealth Australian Equity Fund. The investment managers are responsible for the investment of the whole portfolio of assets in shares and securities of entities listed on the Australian Stock Exchange which meet Islamic investment principles.

The investment philosophy is based on long term investments and a dual focus on after-tax returns. Central to the philosophy is a belief that companies in the emerging and delivering phases of their development will deliver superior risk adjusted returns to their more mature counterparts. The investment managers believe following such a strategy will achieve its objective of delivering superior returns over the longer term.

Who should invest?

The fund is suitable to those wanting to invest in Australian shares with a professional and leading investment management team. Investors can invest directly, through self-managed super funds, family trusts as well as corporate entities.

Crescent Wealth is a passionate believer in the idea of prospering collectively.

For this reason we have seeded our passion by partnering with organisations for sustainable communal growth in five key areas: employment opportunities, financial literacy, health, students and charities.

Crescent Wealth is a passionate believer in the idea of prospering collectively.

That is why we are establishing strategic partnerships with the aim to develop ideas, ideas that will drive lasting social impact, can be sustained, and may be replicated across regions to benefit every facet of Australian communities for years to come.

To achieve this, we support four key areas of focus for community development, including:

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Our investment philosophy is grounded and bound by Islamic investment philosophies that aims to meet the financial needs of investors.

Islamic investment is based on economic principles that differ substantially from conventional wealth management. When investing on-behalf of our clients, we examine and research each investment to understand how it makes its money from a commercial as well ethical standpoint.

Our investment teams are supported by domestic and international research teams as well as the advisory services of our Shariah Supervisory Board, Dar Al Sharia.

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