Find your lost super

If you have changed your address or job in the last few years then there is a good chance that your super money is split across several super accounts or held by Australian Tax Office (ATO) waiting to be claimed.

Due to multiple accounts you may be getting charged multiple insurance premiums and administration fees eating up your balance.

We at Crescent Wealth can find your Lost Super and Consolidate it for you free of charge with a click of a button. You may have exit fees charged from other Super Fund, however we dont charge any establishment fee or exit fees. We have helped our members find millions in lost and unclaimed super in the last few years.

How do we search for your lost super?

We can find your super for you with your tax file number and your permission. We will search for any money that might be in another fund or held by the ATO in your name and under your tax file number. We can also move it into your Crescent Wealth Super account so it’s all in one place and you are not getting charged multiple insurances and administrative fees.

The quickest way to combine your super is to give us a call on 1300 926 626. We can help you search and transfer your super over the phone.

You can also use our online service by filling out the form below and we will get in touch with you at your requested time.

Find my super

Before you consolidate, you should review your insurance arrangements. When you consolidate your super, your will lose your insurance cover from the funds you have consolidated. It is important that you review your level of insurance and ensure that it provides you with adequate cover for your needs.