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The month of May saw most global markets (US, Europe and Asia) performing positively. Within the US Equity markets, the DJIA and the Nasdaq gained +0.71% and +2.67% respectively, on a total return basis.

At 30 Sep 2017Since Inception (*Annualised)Rolling 1 YearRolling 3 YearRolling 5 Year
Crescent Wealth Growth Option4.0%0.9%4.0%Na
Crescent Wealth Balanced Option3.3%0.6%3.1%Na
Crescent Wealth Conservative Option2.4%1.3%2.8%Na

*Returns are net of fees (i.e. the performance displayed is with costs/fees already deducted). Inception is 16 May 2013 Past performance is not an indicator of future performance and returns above may differ to members actual returns.

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